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Happy mother's day

Real life testimonies from heroine mothers and successful entrepreneurs.

By Nadine Hashem

Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough and challenging. It takes courage, persistence and lots and lots of hard work.


Being a mother, let me tell you something is the most complicated thing you will ever go through.


All of the sudden, you are responsible of miniature creatures that will eventually turn into another version of you and it doesn’t necessarily mean the good part that you admire in yourself.


But a mother and an entrepreneur?


Is this even doable?


Well, it is. women in the last few years have entered all fields and succeeded in every possible way.


Not only this, women’s first reason standing behind their success in doing business is their motherhood.


They defied all the everlasting stereotyped image of the woman and all the pressure imposed by society that strictly frames women into their kitchens, Katie Elisabeth clarifies in her article “Can I be both an entrepreneur and a mom?”.


For this purpose, we interviewed two of the many successful women out there.


Mrs. Jennifer Mansour, a mother of a two years old daughter and a successful entrepreneur for a baby food business.


Jennifer Mansour little Melly


Mansour was handling marketing department in her husband’s restaurant when she had her first new born.


After six months, the struggle began.


How did you get the idea for your business? 


Jennifer stated that it all started when she had to introduce food purees to her daughter.


 “it was hard to trust abundant brands in the market, not knowing what ingredients and preservatives might contain. I had to cook for my daughter, which of course I didn’t mind at all at the beginning, and prepare special meals for her to consume.”


“when I had to go back to work, things got harder, finding time to cook fresh meals for her was getting more and more complicated, at the same time, the mother in me refused to give in to marketed brands found in the stores”, continued Jennifer.


“The struggle between giving my daughter what is best for her and continuing my work was behind my business, Little Melly.”

little melly baby food


How did it all start?


 “After studying different aspects of this business especially concerning food safety, I started by cooking fresh baby meals from home and started my catering journey. My first client was my brother’s friend who recommended another friend and so on.”


“The circle started to become bigger and the word of mouth has helped to spread the news of my new business.”


Jennifer later had her own website and Instagram page. Business started to grow. “We then moved to an equipped kitchen, with 5 kitchen staff and 4 drivers that deliver all over Lebanon,” she explained.


Jennifer now handles the marketing of her business, her team and of course overall business performance.


To the question, “do you think that work-life balance is realizable?”, Jennifer answered: “you can’t reach a work-life balance easily, a mother always has this guilt toward her children that she’s not spending enough time with them.”


“It’s been always a challenge but, I always manage to make it up for her by taking a day off or leaving early when I can.”


“How being a mother impacted your performance and personality at work?”


“When I was handling my husband’s restaurant, I was more loose, after becoming a mother, I learned that the smallest mistake can impact others’ life, that’s why I became much more disciplined, stricter and way pickier.”


“Handling a business is similar to running a home with a family, and I can’t let anything impact my family and equally my business including my team, especially in baby’s food industry where small children’s health is at stake.”


Answering the question, “what did motherhood teach you?”, Jennifer answered, “motherhood made me a totally different person especially when it comes to running my business, raising a child is identical to growing a business. You have to be way more responsible, more dedicated and more passionate in both cases.”


Finally, Mansour stated that she tries her best with her daughter and her business; work might take her sometimes from her daughter but it doesn’t it for long. Spending few hours of the day with her baby is what keeps everything together and always reminds her of her purpose in life.


Another example on how women challenge life barriers and put them in confrontation with both work field and family life is Mrs. Helene Elias the owner and founder of Pause Café.

Helene Elias Pause Cafe


Being a mother of 3 children, Helen has always put her children first, the reason why she decided to start her business, “a long awaited decision”, she explains.


“My main motive for running a business instead of continuing my job as an employee was my children.”


“Being an entrepreneur is hard work but it’s totally worth it, it gives you freedom, power and the ability to spear time for your children.”


“You set an example for your children especially your daughters on how to fight and challenge life.”


What is the advice you can give to your daughter and to women in general?


“if you don’t have a career like a doctor or a lawyer, be an entrepreneur. Do whatever it takes to own and run a business.”


“Start small, think innovatively and you’ll come up with an idea to open your own business. Work hard on it and eventually it will pay off.”


“Being an entrepreneur is the best and most convenient thing a woman can do especially after being a mother.”


An entrepreneur or not a mother is always a fighter that challenges everything for the sake of her children.


Being both an entrepreneur and a mother is a whole different level of dedication and sacrifice that totally pays back in the long run.


For all the things  that you do, happy Mother's Day from all BIM POS team.

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